Industry solutions

For 14 years of INIER operations as a customs representative we have allocated prior customs clearance directions according to global market industries demand.

Industrial solutions take into account differences between customs clearance for different products and highly specialized knowledge and experience, accumulated by the company’s employees in their operations with particular goods.

INIER Company allocates the following industry solutions:

Electronic and telecommunication equipment

There is demand in Russian economy not only for final products but also for components to further assemble the equipment in Russia. It increases requirements to all foreign economic activity schemes. INIER officially cooperates with customs agencies which regulate major electronic import volume. (North-West, Far East and Central agencies).

INIER customs brokers have significant experience in the field of electronic and telecommunication equipment clearance; they also understand all peculiarities of customs clearance for this group of goods.

Advantages of cooperation with INIER have already been highly estimated by suppliers of key home electronics brands and major high-tech telecommunication equipment producers.

Production equipment

Support to major foreign economic activities conductors in their implementation of projects involving different types of production equipment to open new factories and develop the existing ones is one of the major INIER activities. INIER Company ships production equipment regularly, fr om individual machines for woodworking industry to production complexes for machinery industry.

Our specialists have great experience in motor trucking organization and customs clearance of factories shipped in short term on many trucks (up to 300 vehicles at a time) including oversized cargoes.

Light industry goods

For 14 years INIER Company has been helping its customers with customs clearance for goods assigned to sections XI – XII of Customs Union Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature. Over these years we have accumulated practical experience in clothes, shoes, cotton and knitted products clearance.

It is not important to us wh ere imported light industry products were produced, whether these were it cotton-growing countries of Middle Asia, Turkey or the European Union.

Among our customers we have not only clothes and shoes producers, exporters and importers, but also the companies dealing with the production of their components (yarn, fabric, leather, fur).

We can guarantee to our customers, that we will provide clearance very quickly even during the seasonal peak.

Medical equipment

Medical equipment is a difficult product for customs clearance. We always know legal regulations, including bills ready for adoption. It means that INIER medical equipment customs clearance services conform fully with the Russian Federation and Customs Union legislations.

We are proud of positive comments from our customers among professionals in the given field.

Drugs and pharmaceutical products

INIER considers pharmaceutical products customs clearance as a special group of services. The reasons are a large number of players on pharmaceutical products market, fast growth of import for this type of product as well as concomitant raw materials and technologies.

Customs laws on drugs and pharmaceutical products are constantly changed; new limits and regulations are added. This can affect economic effectivity of companies operating in the pharmaceutical field.

Great practical experience, employees’ qualification, and reputation of customs representative help INIER costumers avoid mistakes during drug import clearance. Good planning of customs procedures allows our customers to significantly minimize customs clearance time.

Chemical products

Customs representative of INIER provides constant presence at customs offices responsible for chemical products clearance. So we can offer a full range of customs clearance services for chemical product suppliers.

Over the years of working in this sphere the company has developed a scheme for chemical goods customs clearance. Without any troubles or mistakes.

INIER company specialists will prepare all the necessary documents according to the laws as soon as possible. Also our services include searching for the optimal customs post, customs procedure application and customs clearance of the goods.

Global chemical industry leaders trust our reputation and experience. We will be happy to see you among our customers.

Food and drinks

Perishable food and drinks shipment requires fast customs clearance and delivery. INIER Company provides costumers working in the food industry with customs clearance services “from door to door”.

We also provide special services in storage and transportation of products.

INIER specialists will provide all the necessary documents for customs clearance, taking into account non-tariff regulations measures. There will be representatives of veterinary services and Rosselhoznadzor employees at the customs post. Longstanding experience of cooperation with the Excise custom allows INIER Company to provide quick clearance for excisable goods, including alcohol drinks.

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