INIER customs clearance

INIER customs clearance means:

  • 19 years of experience on the market of logistic services.
    Long term connections in different bodies on all levels, perfect knowledge of customs operation peculiarities.
  • Reliability.
    INIER company is a current member of the National customs broker association, the company is included into the Customs representatives register, it has a customs representative license N 0173/00 dated 28.12.2010.
  • Cargo release in one day.
    Complex cargo customs clearance services in all regions of the Russian Federation, including the terminals in Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Pskov, Novgorod and at the airports of Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Лицензия таможенного представителя
Customs Representative Certificate

Consulting support

INIER employees are ready to provide full consultation on all issues, connected with customs services according to the Russian Federation Customs Code, including:

    • Documents preparations for the logistic procedures;
    • Organization of international shipments;
    • Warehousing of goods;
    • Custom clearings;
    • Rights and powers of state agencies’ representatives.

Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature code selection and customs payment calculations

Imported goods classification according to Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature codes is a necessary procedure for customs operations. Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature code is used in particular for fee payment and cargo declaring.

INIER employees will help you sel ect the exact Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature codes for all imported goods, preventing you fr om making a mistake in documents preparation and saving you time.

Download the cargo description Form: Cargo description formXLS

Customs clearance

Since 2000 INIER has been operating as a custom broker on the whole territory of the Russian Federation, without any restriction on classes of goods, means of transportation and types of custom operations.

We offer full range of customs clearance services:

  • Customs clearance of goods, operation in different customs modes; 
  • Help in getting all the necessary documents;
  • Customs registration of a Foreign Economic Activities participant, customs payment calculation and Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature code selection ; 
  • Transit, import and export goods declaring;
  • Goods escort during phytosanitary and veterinary control;
  • Customs clearance in all regions of Russia, including terminals in Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Pskov, Novgorod, at the airports of Moscow and St. Petersburg, at the special terminal of the Excise customs.

Clearance of imported and exported cargoes

Do you specialize in imported goods?

You will be interested in INIER outsource escort.

Our company’s specialists will:

  • check the terms and conditions of the contract with foreign suppliers;
  • receive the cargo abroad;
  • get it through customs;
  • deliver it to the specified place;
  • cover all transport and customs costs and other possible expenses related to the delivery.

With our help the procedure will be simpler than ever. You cooperate with NIER within one contract, and our specialists will take care of all delivery stages.

For regular costumers INIER offers shipment funding, we will cover all the shipment costs and hand the goods to you and after that we will bill you. This scheme helps you complete the shipment within the tightest deadlines.

Stationing goods at temporary storage warehouses and storage terminals

Warehousing is a popular customs broker service. INIER company considers warehousing a part of complex logistic solution, which helps save time and efforts.

We provide places at our own warehouse and help develop optimal logistic scheme, reducing the time of delivery and shipment costs to a minimum. INIER has modern storage facilities in Russia, Germany, China, Finland, Estonia and Kazakhstan.

In Russia, we operate at terminals and temporary storage warehouses of Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Pskov, Novgorod and other Russian cities. At the same time INIER not only provides warehousing but also assists customers in managing the movement of cargo, reducing logistics costs and delivery time.

Electronic declaring

Electronic declaring allows reducing the time of customs operations, accelerating goods release. Today document registration and preparation of customs declaration require less than 30 minutes; upon condition that the person in charge possesses up-to-date information about document submission and filling. It is possible to submit the electronic declaration before the cargo arrives in Russia, for example right after cargo departure.

Call INIER by +7 800 333-76-14 and get a consultation on customs broker services right away!

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