Air cargo transportation

Air cargo transportation - is the best choice for timely delivery of your goods. We have the broadest opportunities for organizing charter and scheduled flights for a variety of directions. Over the years of operation INIER has established partnerships with a large number of airlines in different countries which allows us to offer truly optimal schemes of air cargo transporting service.

INIER has an extensive international network that allows planning and performing air transportation at the highest level and at the best price.

We offer:

  • Organizing scheduled international air cargo transportation (no restrictions on the size and weight of cargo, with the ability to track the status of cargo);
  • Passing all the customs procedures at the international airport "Sheremetyevo" (Moscow) and "Pulkovo" (St. Petersburg);
  • Delivering cargo "door-to-door" to the cities and regions of Russia using the capabilities of our internal logistics network;
  • Using combined transport solutions;
  • Insuring cargo

International cargo transportation in INIER — is an integrated service on a "door-to-door" basis. We take cargo from the consignor, prepare it for transportation, carry out all the necessary customs procedures and delivere it to the final destination.

In addition INIER company offers:

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