Customs clearance of goods

Customs clearance of goods - is the fulfillment of a number of certain procedures and formalities necessary for transporting goods across the border. Your expenses and when it comes to fast perishable goods, the condition and quality of goods depend on how quickly and professionally the customs clearance will be performed.

Only qualified professional that works in this field regularly can take into account the various nuances that inevitably arise during the customs clearance of goods. Legislation is constantly updated and changed, so it is quite difficult keep track of all the important factors. Meanwhile, any error in the clearance of cargo costs time and money.


  • More than 19 years in the logistics market.
    Long-term connections in various structures and at all the levels, excellent knowledge of the customs work and constant monitoring of all the relevant changes in the Russian legislation — that is the guarantee that your cargo will be carried through the customs really quickly.
  • License of customs representative.
    INIER company is the member of the National Customs Brokers Association and is included in the Register of Customs Representatives. The company status is confirmed by the customs representative license No. 0173/00 of 28.12.2010.
  • Release of cargo in one day.
    The experience and expertise of our specialists allow us to assert with confidence: all the formalities will be completed within one day.

INIER company offers customs broker services in Moscow. Our employees will promptly execute all the necessary documents and carry your cargo through customs, taking all the responsibility on fulfilling this task.

More information about the services on cargo customs clearance at in INIER. We also provide services on the customs clearance of goods in Sheremetyevo.

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