Insurance services

INIER offers additional opportunities for cargo insurance during transportation at favorable prices. We keep partner relations with major insurance companies to provide high quality service.

Cargo insurance is an efficient way to reduce the risks, which occur during international transportations. The best international cargo insurance is the one that protects against loss, damage and destruction of cargo because of any possible reason the during transportation of cargo, storing it at temporary storage facilities and loading and unloading operations. It provides the best way to protect customers’ interests.

INIER specialists will help you insure all types of cargoes during the transportation. The insurance can cover all risks or exact risks indicated by you. The insurance functions during all the transportation period and goods storage period along the route.

Tariff rates during international transportation depend on types of goods, transportation mode and the route. All calculations are based on cargo price, which is indicated in bills of lading and other commercial documents.

INIER offers the following services in the field of insurance:

  • Consulting;
  • Assistance with insurance against risks associated with warehousing and transportation of the goods;
  • Assistance with insurance against risks associated with irregular cargoes or oversized goods;
  • Submitting information to insurance company, preparations of all the necessary documents;
  • Valuation and inspection of the damaged cargo in case of insured accident;
  • In-time insurance payment control.

Call INIER +7 800 333-76-14 and get a consultation on cargo insurance services during the international transportation!