Conclusions for second-hand goods

When importing into the countries-members the Customs Union second-hand equipment, the FCS of Russia requires the importer to confirm its contract value. These conclusions are drawn up by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the organizations accredited by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

To execute the conclusion expert examination of the imported equipment is carried out. During the examination the experts licensed for this type of work are involved.

In the process of the examination the analysis of the declared information is carried out. The correspondence of the prices is verified with those indicated in catalogs and price-lists of the manufacturers, the cost in the invoices and contracts is checked. Additionally, the retrieval of information on similar types of equipment in specialized databases is performed. It also serves to determine the real price of the imported goods. The depreciation of equipment and the date of manufacture are accounted separately. In some, the most difficult cases on-site visit for equipment inspection is performed.

Requirements for carrying out assessment:

  • Application;
  • Charter documents of the applicant;
  • Contract;
  • Invoice;
  • Description: photo, purpose, scope of use, brief technical description;
  • One of the following documents: documents that recorded the initial price of goods, price lists, links to the sellers’ websites of this type of equipment, an official letter from the supplier (manufacturer).

If necessary, based on expert judgment the certification body shall issue an informational letter. It confirms the fact the second-hand condition of the equipment and, therefore, indicates that it does not refer to the goods subject to mandatory conformity certification on the territory of the CU member countries.

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