Permit for importing RFC

For import into the territory of Russia of high-frequency devices, radio electronic equipment and components it is necessary to obtain the conclusion on the compliance with the requirements of the specifications and conditions of operation approved by the State Commission for Radio Frequencies (SCRF).

The authorization document for import is the conclusion of the Radio frequency center (RFC). It confirms that the devices meet the requirements established by SCRF, are included in the established list or do not require entering it.

The conclusion gives the following information:

  • name of the product and its model;
  • manufacturer of the product and its importer;
  • country of origin.

The validity of conclusion is 1 year.

For obtaining permits from the RFC it is necessary to provide a range of information. It may include the following information:

  • emission class;
  • peak frequency deviation;
  • relative level of the spurious emission;
  • spectral density, etc.

Additionally Radio frequency center may require confirmation of compliance of the imported goods characteristics with the generalized decisions of SCR (test or measurement protocols).

INIER company provides its clients with assistance in obtaining permission to import RFC. Our services include the preparation of the specified documents, the provision of information to the relevant authorities, mediation services and representation in the Radio frequency center

In the case the imported goods are subject to the additional restrictions and the license of the Ministry of Industry and Trade is required, INIER will also assist in obtaining it.

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Regulatory framework for importing electronic equipment, high-frequency devices and accessory equipment (components):

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  2. Government Decree of the Russian Federation of May 3, 2005 No. 279 "On Radio Frequency Service"

  3. Decree of the Russian Federation Government of 01.04.2005 No. 175 "On the approval of Rules for radio control in the Russian Federation"

  4. Decree of the Russian Federation Government of October 12, 2004 No. 539 "On the procedure of registration of radio electronic equipment and high-frequency devices"

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  6. Section 2.16. electronic equipment and (or) high frequency devices of civil purpose, including built-in or are a part of other goods restricted for import into the territory of the Customs Union