Notification of the FSB

In cases where the product imported or being prepared for sale in the countries of the Customs Union, serves as the encryption (cryptographic) device or includes in its composition cryptographic means, it is subject to the notification requirement. The legislative basis of notification is Annex No. 1 to the "Regulations on the order of import into the customs territory of the Customs Union and the export from the customs territory of the Customs Union of encryption (cryptographic) devices."

On the territory of Russia, Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus there are restrictions on the import of equipment for radio connection, telecommunication devices, electronics and other equipment containing encryption. Depending on the type of device a license of Ministry of Industry and Trade or notification of the FSB are required.

The execution of notification is required when the imported goods are really cryptographic equipment. However, a wide range of equipment can be "potentially" referred to encryption equipment in Regulation 2.19, approved by the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC).

This leads to practical problems when customs officer asks for notification of the FSB on the basis of the fact that the HS code is included in Regulation 2.19. This is an incorrect approach since the code is not enough for determining the cryptographic function, it is also necessary take into account the full name of the product and its characteristics.

The FSB of Russia currently does not issue explanatory documents on the absence of encryption (cryptography). In their turn, the customs officers rarely decide on their own, guided by the description of the goods and do not always take into account the information from the equipment manufacturers reporting the absence of the encryption.

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In addition to providing consulting services INIER assists in registering of notifications in the shortest possible terms:

  • Preparation of a set of documents, assistance in completing the standard application forms for the execution of notifications to the FSB of Russia.
  • Submission of the prepared papers to the appropriate subdivision of the Russian FSB.
  • Implementation of tracking the notifications status during the registration process.
  • Getting ready documents and sending the originals to the client.

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Regulatory framework for notification of the FSB:

  1. Decision of Board of Eurasian Economic Commission of August 16, 2012 No. 134 "On the regulatory legal acts in area of nontariff regulation "

  2. Regulations on the order of import into the customs territory of the Customs Union and the export from the customs territory of the Customs Union of encryption (cryptographic) devices

  3. 2.19. Encryption (cryptographic) equipment, the import of which to Customs territory of the Customs Union is restricted