Examination of products and assistance in the classification of products by HS code

You have difficulty with the identification of goods or the determination of consumer characteristics? We can help to organize a comprehensive test of the products. The consultants of INIER will identify the indicators giving clear evidence of the goods quality characteristics, will help you choose a test or laboratory center accredited for conducting such research.

IMPORTANT: Only the results of the tests carried out in accredited institutions have legal force.

The results obtained during the examination of production are executed into a relevant protocol, which is a basis for issuing certificates and declarations of conformity, expert conclusions and other regulatory documents.

Also, the participants of foreign economic activity often face the fact that the customs inspector may challenge the declared CU HS code. An alternative is often the code that increases the import customs duty or leading to the requirement of submitting additional permits and licenses.

Often to prove the correct CU HS code it is enough to prepare a written explanation to the customs authority with reference to the legal framework. Our specialists will help you prepare it as soon as possible.

If the provided explanations have not helped to confirm the declared HS code TC, the participant of foreign economic activity may be required to conduct an independent classification inspection. This inspection leads to additional difficulties for foreign trade operator, as it is required to identify the goods, and for the part to conduct the materials test. This must be accompanied by hard work with the HS compliant with strict rules. Our experts will help you choose an accredited laboratory for conducting such an examination, and prepare the list of questions for this examination affecting the determination of CU HS code.

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