Certification services

INIER offers full range of cargo certification services, we conduct the necessary expert examinations and issue certificates of compliance

INIER provides the full range of certification services for conformity of the goods to the current legislation. We assist our clients with preparations of conformity certificates and declarations, lab tests, products and documents inspection, product state registration and more.

INIER hires only experienced and highly skilled professionals, who are always ready to help you, answer your questions and solve any issues regarding licenses that you might need to import and export your products and sell them on the territory of the Customs Union.

Many years of experience and understanding of our customers’ different requirements - from huge enterprises to small organizations - all that allows us to completely satisfy our clients’ demands.

If the product is included into this list it is mandatory to prepare all necessary documents for customs clearance and further sale on the territory of the Customs Union. These goods should be marked according to the laws and licensed accordingly. This is necessary to perform customs clearance and sell the goods on the territory of the Russian Federation and of the Customs Union.

Moreover, some groups of goods require some additional measures for nontariff regulation on the territory of the Russian Federation and of the Customs Union. For example, import and sale of products with cryptographic elements can be done only with special notice, prepared by FSB. You need a Russian FSB certificate for information protecting devices. Radio frequency equipment import requires conclusion on technical specifications conformity of imported radio electronic means, high frequency devices and components to technical specifications and terms of usage, adopted by the Russian state commission for radio frequencies (GKRCh). Depending on this conclusion additional licenses on radio electronic means, prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, can be required.

Now there is no single law, list or reference books which could include all nontariff regulation requirements. It’s quite difficult to check all the laws on your own, as it takes a lot of time. Moreover, there is always risk to miss something important; it can lead to unnecessary money and time spending.

INIER provides complex services, including consultations for its customers, preparation of certificates and declarations and other licenses for all groups of goods within shortest time limits. Our company can become a reliable partner for your business.

Our specialists are ready to provide you with professional services in the field of preparation of the following licenses:

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