Customs broker company INIER provides its customers with free written or verbal consultations on all logistics and customs issues up to delivery: correctness of international contracts, logistics, customs legislation, customs clearance, licenses etc.

Logistics, customs clearance and legal specialists will give you competent answers on the following questions:

  • What transport do we need for transportation?
  • How is it possible to deliver the cargo faster?
  • How much do the logistics services cost?
  • How can we save money on logistics?
  • What Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature code do we need for our goods?
  • What are the customs payment tariffs?
  • What documents do we need for the customs clearance?
  • What licenses are required from us?
  • And many others.

INIER also offers detailed customs clearance consultations on joint traffic organization, documents for logistic procedures, customs clearance, warehousing, state agencies’ rights and powers.

Assistance with foreign economic activity issues is provided by specialists, experienced in different fields. Combination of significant knowledge in legislation, logistics, and customs clearance with practical experience allows our employees to offer efficient solution for customer’s problems and issues as well as protect them from any possible conflicts.

Do you need consultations on shipment execution?
Do you need a lawyer who specializes in customs law?

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