User personal account

Each of our clients has an opportunity to control the delivery of goods in the personal account.

For that you first need to obtain your login and password from the managers. For more information on the access to your personal account, please call +7 499 159-30-30.

Once the clients are logged in, they get to the page dedicated to deliveries. It has two tabs - "Current" and "Past" deliveries. The table for the selected deliveries shows the following information:

  • Arrival date — the date of receipt of delivery to the warehouse. The day / month / year, time and day of the week are specified.
  • Importer. Indicates the name of the importer.
  • Auto number. Indicates the number of the truck.
  • Customs Cargo Declaration number – the number of cargo customs declaration. One of the main documents to be drawn up when transporting goods across the customs border.
  • Status. Delivery may take the following statuses:
    • new,
    • declaring – includes providing all the available information on cargo and the transport means to the customs authority of the country, as well as other information required for customs control and clearance.
    • filed,
    • release delay,
    • canceled,
    • refusal to issue,
    • closed.
  • Date of issue - the date of issue of the delivery, day/month/year, time and day of the week are specified.
  • Video – video of stocking and loading the goods.

With the help of the tables you can easily view all the delivery data and generate a report in the convenient form.

If you want to assess the opportunities of personal account in advance, use test access.